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Summer is around the Corner and a lot of students are about to begin their Summer internships.While as exciting as it may seem REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING;

When you enter a real work environment for the first time, especially as a college student starting an internship, remember why you want to be there: First and foremost, to learn real marketable skills that can enhance your resumé and to secure a strong referral from your supervisor.




WOW The First Match already done but almost didn’t happen with stadiums seats still not completed  as some found themselves sitting on Concrete and the Floodlight not ready and only coming on Mid Game.

Brasil takes the lead with 3 points in its basket,albeit i feel bad for Croatia that would have been a 1-1 match,The decision by the japanese referee definitely changed the mood of the Game.The Penalty should never have been,but thats futbol/soccer always has controversies.It remains to be seen whether the Goal line(incidentally was only used/shown once in the match) will live up to its Hype as i have a feeling it will be relevant in these World Cup.

Then there was the Special paint used to mark where the player lined up for the Free kick,i thought the japanese had switched careers as a Graffiti artist after the questionable Penalty.

I definitely missed the Opening Ceremony,where Jennifer Lopez aka J-Lo ,Pitbull and Claudia leittie(who seemed more excited of the other two performers) were the Star performers,i thought J-lo had decided to Cancel the Performance,interesting to find out what changed her mind.I have my Money on the payCheck that she cashed in!!.

Then there was the Own Goal Prediction by a Twitter user going by the Handle  @Rafaeljohn13 who Predicted an own Goal by marcello.I wonder whether he had placed a Bet!!! Damn i should have myself,probably would have been singing Lil wayne song “A Milli“, abbreviated occasionally as “Milli“,While Jetsetting to Brazil for the next matches.

Almost Forgot to mention that a disabled individual took the First kick courtesy of the walking again Project,interestingly a referee had to Blow the Whistle…

What was missing was the vuvuzela from South Africa….Dayum what sweet music it Brings to the Game,sigh that FIFA banned it.Another thing that FIFA is not happy to report is the Protests that

 In Sao Paulo, police fired canisters of tear gas and stun grenades to push back more than 300 demonstrators who gathered along a main highway leading to the stadium[]


At the end of the Day Brazil took the win,although Croatia feels cheated,there is no mercy in the World Cup for Almost,maybe.

Ways to watch the Game

Well its on to the next match that starts at 11:00 AM central Time on ESPN.If you would like you can head on to the Android store and download an Official FIFA app that will have stats,goals and everything about the Games .Also those who are subscribed to Comcast can watch all the games from the ESPN website.,





MESSAGE: To African American Women

A Video i Found on Facebook( Thanks to…

It is a Video that Highlights Some of the Issues that im sure alot of Black Folk have observed,

And She talks the Truth!!!

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For All those who spent Sleeplessness Nights Learning Programming

The website has compiled a comprehensive List of Valuable Programming Websites that i wish i knew when i took Programming Classes.



Is enough bein…

Is enough being done to Promote Computer Science as an excellent Career Choice for Students in High Schools all over the Country? Promoting is a non ” nerd” Career might be the best way to do it….making it seem like a career than anyone can make a decent living should be emphasized.Already the USA  is doing very badly in terms of World standing in Science and Maths.Is enough being done??

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