Windows 8 aka Windows Metro

So i may be late to this party but windows 8 official release Date is October the 8th 2012(yay)…so why did Microsoft decide to go with a whole Different UI?? i have scratched by head and cannot for the life of me understand the sudden urge to use tiles!!! Stick to what is proven to work Microsoft,is that too much to ask.

The RTM( Release to Manufacture) version should be out this August,and for the first time i am not excited about a new Microsoft operating system.I remember when windows 7 came out it was fresh and actually worked..load of Driver were available as compared to Vista(win7 beta).

So according to Tech Radar There will offer 3 versions.The first  two for Intel-based PCs (Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro) and Windows 8 RT for ARM-based tablets like the Microsoft Surface.

Although i am interested in what modifications will be done by Manufacture’s,Good and albeit bad as always the case.

Well shall Windows 8 be a Hit or Miss??? only time will tell,i hope for Microsoft’s Sake this is a win!!

On a personal not i will be sticking to Windows 7 and Vista(yes Vista) until i have exhausted their use…

Hit or Miss

Is the new Metro Style Windows8 UI a Hit or Miss,personally i hated the windows 7 Phones with a passion and seeing that its making an entry on Windows 8 saddens me, i think i will hang on to Windows Vista and Windows 7 for a long time to come…

So Guys what do you think???

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