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Eternal Sunshine of the IS Mind

I’ll be discussing one particular development of Information Systems: The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

It is said it can be seen as a very methodological and structural way of developing I.S. It’s used to develop,maintain and replace I.S. It was first developed in 1970 and has been progressing since. Generally consisting of 5 phases: 1.Planning, 2. Analysis, 3. Design, 4. Implementation and 5. Maintenance.

Companies choose SDLC for a number of reasons, some being:

  • To help improve existing systems.
  • To correct problems with existing systems.
  • To gain competitive advantage.
  • It helps to reduce failures (unclear requests etc.)
  • Reducing the possibility of system not meeting users needs.

These are to name but a few.

Here is a diagram I found which might make the stages clearer, although this particular image shows it to be a 10 stage process, the 5 stages we have studied in class are laid out in a clear manner which some of…

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