Great Deal on Tablet

I am Frugal by Nature,and always scouring for Great Deals.Here is a Great Deal i stumbled upon on Daily Steals website.CHECK IT OUT!!! Below ————>

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Parent Made me Proud

A story i cam across this morning ,on Google +, of a parent made me so proud when she had her son  sign an 18 Rule contract.This is before she handed  the phone over to her son. I Believe if every Parent  made the same rules,the Effect on proper cellphone Use would be amazing.Technology that is handed to any Child should have boundaries and rules that must be adhered to,just like anywhere you work,Internet access is not 100 %  accessible,for there to be Order Rules and Boundaries must be Handed out.

I congratulate this Mother,and wish i could meet Her and Shake her Hand!!!

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IT Tech in Emerging markets

I was wondering how IT is faring in Emerging markets(as opposed to saying 3rd world). Any IT professionals and students and hobbyists in these areas I am looking for your opinions.

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