Software App of the Day!!!

I have and i am sure that you all have had the same issues of having Adware bundled up like th pesky conduit that remains even after uninstall.

Well do i have an App for you called AdwCleaner  a removal tool for:
  1. Adware (ads software)
  2. PUP/LPI (potentially unwanted programs)
  3. Toolbars
  4. Hijacker (Hijack of the browser’s homepage)

I just Tried it with no issues and it Surely Found some junk lying around in My computer,and took like 1 minute to Run and a reboot and a Final log of what was removed!!!
Note:Compatible with Windows XP, Vista,Windows  7 versions 32 & 64 bits.

At 633.01 KB it Packs quite a Punch!!!!

My Readers,let me know how it Works out for You,in the comment line Below.

Security Trends IN 2013 From Microsoft

I just received a Newsletter from Yours truly Microsoft, about the Security Trends in 2013 especially for Home Users. Malware in 2012 saw a Hike/increase and Spyware is no Better,i personally have become more aware of what websites i visit and Have taken Precautions,i have in my Mix:

MalwareBytes(Best in the Business)

Avira Antivir(Home Free Edition)

SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition

I Do full Scans once a week for Everything,i guess i am a clean Freak when it come to my Laptop and Desktop.Take a peek and Try them out,and Thank me later,i have found that Norton Antivirus at 50 bucks and Higher Memory usage is no good for me,there are a lot Better Antivirus software that do as good a Job if not Better than Norton and are FREE