News coming from Redmond,is that Skype on IOS has updated to 6.25.It combines the latest updates from IOS 10 and apparently integrates them into Skype.Unfortunately  yours truly does not have an Iphone to test out these features.


Now with Skype integrated into IOS 1o,now with Sirikit,one can now call Kelvin  on Skype.  If you have his Skype contact information saved in your iOS device, simply say “Call Kelvin Archer.”  Siri may ask for you to confirm it has the right contact—one click later and your Skype call is initiated! Sounds exciting . Starting in October, skype will also extend this CallKit functionality to our Skype for Business iOS apps, giving business users the same great calling experience.

For More information you can head over to:Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as on the Skype Community.

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