Well, the fact is, even without Google, many communities and cities throughout the country are already wired with fiber—they just don’t let their residents use it.

Hundreds of Cities Are Wired With Fiber—But Telecom Lobbying Keeps It Unused



Well, the fact is, even without Google, many communities and cities throughout the country are already wired with fiber—they just don’t let their residents use it.




Summary about my Blog

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Google TextBooks Anyone???

Google Play textbpoksJPG

It seems that Google has kept their Promise of having School textbooks on Google Play.In the Beginning they wer not very Forthcoming with details but hey its Google!!!

Well Boys and Girls its Finally here and just in Time for Fall Semester!!!

I have always had an affinity for E books for their ease of Access and Search Ability.Its a Digital World afterall and it Demands adaptability to technology,which most colleges are slow to adapt.My Question is what Kinds of editions are available and whether they will be adaptable to Current Classes offered in Various Colleges.

A quick Glance in Science+technology shows quite the collection for Java and C++ texts but None that my College uses,but nevertheless Google is not claiming to be School textbook supplier and as such they are Very Good Resources to fill in the gaps that standard text may not Fill.

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TED (conference)
TED (conference) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Anyone here follow TED talks?



Online storage

I have used Google Drive for some time now, Dropbox has always intrigued me but at only 2 gb free vs gb drive, is really worth to switch to Dropbox.


Check out this app-Eye Tracking for Android NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

Control your Android with your eyes!



You Dont need an S4 now with any Front Facing Camera Android Phone,you are set,and its free !!!!


FACEBOOK vs GOOGLE vs Twitter ?????

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Click the above links to reach the Blogs Google Community Page and Facebook page and not forgetting Twitter(duh!!)I am not a Facebook fan,but I give what my Followers Need.You Guys mean so Much.

Dont forget to come back here and Provide—–> Feedback as well,it will be appreciated-Good or Bad!!!

For the twitterati Followers out there here is the Link to the Twitter Page as  well

Google Community!!!!

English: Google+ wordmark
English: Google+ wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Click below to get access to the Community Page,look forward to seeing you!!!! Be There or be Square!!!

Google Community


Advanced Googling is not Just for the GEEKS and NERD

GEEKS and Nerds i do apologize in advance but Technology information must be shared Freely.Next time impress your colleagues and Friends with advanced Gmail search Prowess


Parent Made me Proud

A story i cam across this morning ,on Google +, of a parent made me so proud when she had her son  sign an 18 Rule contract.This is before she handed  the phone over to her son. I Believe if every Parent  made the same rules,the Effect on proper cellphone Use would be amazing.Technology that is handed to any Child should have boundaries and rules that must be adhered to,just like anywhere you work,Internet access is not 100 %  accessible,for there to be Order Rules and Boundaries must be Handed out.

I congratulate this Mother,and wish i could meet Her and Shake her Hand!!!

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