WebEx Meetings Android Update!!

What’s New in Version 43.3.1?
• Webex Meetings Foldable device support for Samsung Fold & Flip phones: With new design enhancements for foldable devices, Webex Meetings users can experience the best-in-class secured collaboration on Samsung’s foldable devices.
• Samsung S-Pen & Galaxy S23 support: Webex Meetings users can share live mobile camera feed and use S-Pen to annotate. In a meeting, users can click on more menu (…) & access ‘Share content or camera’ & choose ‘Camera’ option to share live camera feed as content.

Samsung Fold users are no doubt going to be excited!! I have no Samsung phone to test this new features 🥺.

Samsung Cloud Sync Support Ends.

For those who use Samsung Sync then the information is of most importance!

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Beginning on 2021-06-30, Gallery Sync and Drive storage for My Files will no longer be supported by Samsung Cloud and your data will be deleted, as explained further below. In addition, if you have a premium storage subscription plan, this will automatically be canceled beginning 2021-04-01 and a refund may be issued to you.

These features will now be supported by Microsoft OneDrive (This may not be supported in certain countries or device models). To minimize any inconveniences there might be, we offer you a way to migrate your existing Gallery Sync and/or Drive data to OneDrive conveniently until 2021-03-31 and continue with your service experience, or alternatively, to download your data to your mobile device and/or PC. Please note, if you migrate or download your data, these features may end and your data may be deleted prematurely even before the official end date, as described below.

You can keep enjoying other features of Samsung Cloud, such as backing up/syncing and restoring other data (such as Contacts, Calendar, and Notes).[Features to be deprecated]
– Gallery Sync, Drive, and Premium storage subscription.

The Shutdown Process is as follows;

From 2020-10-05
-No longer be able to newly use above-listed features.
-OneDrive migration and data download available.

From 2021-04-0
-Discontinue existing use of Gallery Sync and Drive
-End of OneDrive migration support
-Cancel the then-current premium storage subscription automatically and refund the last payment

From 2021-06-30
-End of data download support

Samsung Woes Should Worry Apple Even More

By Now everyone has realised that the Note 7 fate has been sealed.It will live on in our hearts as a device that Might Have been.With Samsung looking at an estimated 17 Billion USD in losses-Ouch that is quite the Hit to take,however ,Samsung has a very  diversified Portfolio and while it looks bad on Paper, Samsung will weather this Storm and Move on,Macquarie Research analyst Daniel Kim said, he sees “little collateral damage” to Samsung’s component divisions.Samsung, has a highly diversified business, which includes smart appliances, such as refrigerators, as well as television displays and a chip-making unit. Last quarter, its semiconductor business comprised 23.5% of total revenue. Its consumer electronics division, which includes its digital appliances, printers and health and medical equipment, comprised 23% of sales.

Apple Should actually be more worried,since Apple is much more reliant on its handheld devices than Samsung   is on its family of Galaxy phones and tablets, according to an analysis of both companies’ most recent earnings reports.


Samsung + Viv

Samsung has apparently Purchased a little known company Called Viv.Viv is a digital assistant developed by the maker of Apple’s Siri.Inspite of the Beating that Samsung has endured with the recent Samsung Note7 Recall.With the recent launch of the Pixel Phone by Google which highlighted focus on an AI digital assistance function Samsung is looking to bridge that gap.

The deal showcases Samsung’s commitment to virtual personal assistants and is part of the company’s broader vision to deliver an AI-based open ecosystem across all of its devices and services,the South Korean Giant said.

Viv was founded by AI visionaries Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham. As part of the acquisition, the founding team will work closely with Samsung’s Mobile Communications business, but continue to operate independently under its existing leadership.

It remains to be Seen whether this acquisition will be a fruitful one for Samsung and hopefully help it carve its niche in the ever-growing AI market and hopefully catch up or even surpass Google Pixel.

As they say only Time will Tell,If you have any comments we woul love to hear from You.




Would an IPhone User Ever switch to Samsung?

Well,it seems the folks at Samsung have come up with brilliant Marketing strategy where you:

  1. Have to have an Iphone.
  2. Apply for the Program on an Iphone.
  3. It will cost you usd 1.00,which of course is the Processing Fee.
  4. Have to be 18.
  5. Have to Have an Active Data Wireless Plan.

Samsung will send iPhone users who sign up either a Galaxy S6 Edge, Edge+, or Galaxy Note 5 on the carrier of choice, with an activated SIM and data plan. The company then mails the handset to the customer with a prepaid shipping box for returns.

Note that  the trial Period lasts for  30 days to use and Return said handset or you could be stuck with Full price for Handset!!

Source:Samsung Promotions

Watch “Galaxy S 5 — Wall Huggers” on YouTube

Galaxy S 5 — Wall Huggers: http://youtu.be/mzMUTrTYD9s

Bye Bye Samsung Video and Media Hub!!

As of August 1, 2014, Samsung Video and Media Hub will no longer be available as we focus on some exciting new video products. You will not be able to re-download past purchases but will still be able to use the video player for previously downloaded content.

The ability to purchase and rent video from Samsung Video and Media Hub will be disabled on July 1.To retain long-term access to your video library, Samsung recommends that you transfer your previously purchased content to Samsung’s new video partner, M-GO (a joint venture of DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor). You will only be able to transfer the content you have purchased (not the content you have rented) to M-GO. All Samsung Video and Media Hub customers who transfer their account to M-GO will receive the benefit of an exclusive Welcome Offer valued at up to $13. By transferring your Samsung Video and Media Hub content to M-GO, you will be able to access your previously purchased videos from M-GO’s library at no additional cost.

Once content is transferred, you will no longer be able to re-download content you purchased from Samsung Video or Media Hub.You can redeem your exclusive M-GO offer and begin the transfer process by Clicking Here


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