Preying on Disaster Victims

It is my Hope that People do not start Preying on the innocent on OKLAHOMA,like they do time and time again,for example charging exorbitant amounts for Gas or Water.Price Gouging should be  a Capital Crime.It is just Shocking that already some have started to do this already in Oklahoma!!!

Already abc news has Posted this article

Has the Pursuit of The American Dream,driven some to not simply Care?

Does wanting to make a Profit trump Human Life and Compassion? 40 Dollars for case of Bottled water?


What are your Thoughts?

Congratulations!!!! So happy for you…..A PRAYER FOR ME would be nice, the semester is becoming a rough one but with GOD ,i believe nothing is impossible


Being Rebekah


I’m SO excited to share this news with the readers: YOU GAVE ME MY FIRST CHOICE RESIDENCY PROGRAM!!!!! Thank You Jesus!!! Thank You that You truly do reward us when we just hold on to You!!! Thank You that You have given me favor!!! Thank You that You have ordered my steps!!! Thank You that there is none like You!!! Thank You Jesus… I cannot sing or yell your praises enough!!! Thank You Jesus!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! all the hours of tears, fears, and doubt… You carried me when I couldn’t handle things any longer!!! You are SUCH a wonderful, loving, good God!!!!! Thank You doesn’t cover it all… my heart is overflowing with gratitude!!! I love You Jesus SO MUCH! Thank You for this life!!! Thank You for everything You have given me! Help me remember…

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