Mark Dean -Inventor, Computer Programmer

I stumbled upon this Person reading up on IBM and its History and was amazed that I had not heard much or anything about Mark Dean.He holds 3 of the Original 9 Patents that IBM holds and helped develop a number of landmark technologies for IBM, including the color PC monitor and the first gigahertz chip.

Mark Dean also invented the Industry Standard Architecture system bus with engineer Dennis Moeller, allowing for computer plug-ins such as disk drives and printers. In 1996, he was named an IBM fellow, the first African-American ever to receive the honor. A year later, he was honored with the Black Engineer of the Year President’s Award and was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. In 2001, he was tapped to be a member of the National Academy of Engineers.

I wish more of such Great People in Information Technology were featured not just in obscure literature but in schools and colleges

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This is a Short Poem that came to me one Day 4 years ago!!! and i forgot to Publish it.I am by no means a poet but an attempt to Voice My frustration at the World we live in as Shown Below!!!

Who are we when we ignore poverty?
Who are we when we isolate the poor?
Who are we when we practice unfairness?
Who are we when money supersedes morality?
Who are we not to care…I ask.

written By Kelvin Njuguna.

Poverty (Photo credit: carlaarena)

World map showing percent of population living...

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I guess some people don’t realize that there’s pretty clear line between charity or truly trying to help someone, and attention whoring. I think that if you head off to another country and spend time with people (building houses, teaching kids, working in a clinic, etc) then come back home and go about your business, then you’re probably a pretty decent person. If you do the same thing, then come back home and write a book, go on a talk show, setup a blog about your adventures, then I figure it wasn’t REALLY all about helping other people, it was all about helping yourself.

Take a deep Breath and Think about It.