Ear Trumpet-What Windows 10 Should have Shipped With!

Do I dare say Windows 10 is damn near perfect OS but there is something that i believed is missing,and that is the ability to control individual sounds.By Individual sounds i mean for example i have Tidal playing and have it set at 67 % and systems sounds are too loud at 67 % and would like to have them at 4 % and Chrome at 100% but there is now way to do that until i discovered this app in the Microsoft App Store!

Microsoft does have an App Store for those wondering and it does have some meh apps  and some gems like  Ear Trumpet.This App has apparently been around since 2016 and frankly this is what Microsoft  10 should have been shipped with.

The latest iteration is:

  • version

– Fixed an issue with certain apps (e.g. Sea of Thieves) not appearing correctly – Added additional languages (Arabic, Spanish, Hungarian, Korean, Turkish, and Ukrainian).Its only 26.47MB the install is pretty easy.

Once installed you get this sound icon similar to the stick but with options to set the volume individually!!!!. Plus this App has a 4.5 Rating on Microsoft’s App store.

Ear Trumpet

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 10 x86

Additional Features:

  • Visualize Audio with Multi-Channel Aware Peaking
  • Default playback device management
  • Automatic updates via the Microsoft Store
  • Support for light/dark mode and all accent colors
  • Configurable hotkey
  • Modern context menus
  • Growing multi-lingual support
  • Cairo Shell support

For more information you can visit their Github webpage.

Dont take my word for it,go to the App store and download the app and take it for  a spin.


Net Neutrality as a Regular User

The Internet plays a pivotal role not just as a platform, but as a catalyst for innovation, financial growth, and democracy.Net Neutrality according to www.fcc.gov is having an open Internet which means that consumers can go where they want, when they   want. In other words ISP would treat all data that travels over their networks equally as opposed to allowing some internet providers to providing better access to some websites that pay a fee to reach users faster. This would in turn mean that new websites that can’t afford expensive fees for better service will face new barriers to success, leaving users with fewer options and a less diverse internet.

Net Neutrality has a couple of stakeholders which include; Whether the Internet is neutral or not has serious implications for Internet service providers (ISPs), businesses operating online, governments, and civil society.

The Stakeholders against Net Neutrality which in this case would be the ISP’s argue that, as owners of the networks, they should be able to control and maintain their networks in any manner they wish. ISPs believe they should be able to recoup expensive investments in broadband networks by charging customers differently based on level of service and by seeking opportunities to obtain revenue from broadband intensive application, service, and content. Ultimately, the business model adopted by ISPs involves large investments in networks, and as a consequence, the case is made that the ISPs should have the right to make independent decisions about the direction of their industry without interference. Another counter argument ISPs present suggests that avoiding net neutrality would actually encourage competition and innovation. That is, innovation can take place on the network itself in the form of distributed content delivery, integrated voice/video/data platforms, and advanced quality of service.

A regular internet user, I am in favor of Net Neutrality, because it would eliminate fast lane type internet where the user would be relegated to a second-class information highway, with slower speeds, than favored customers (those willing to pay premiums or purchasing services directly from the ISP providing the bandwidth), or, facing higher costs for the things they buy as corporate customers pass on to their customers the extra costs of joining the “fast lane”


Sweetpacks Removal Guide`

How many times have your loved ones called you to say that they think they have an infection on their PC and your head starts spinning when you log on to their PC and notice the image below when you open the browser:


Pretty soon you start cursing heavily under your Breath and having to do this for free,well there is a guide i have been using for years and always forget to share it with you.

See the Guide Here.

Thank you Malwaretips


The Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus are set to release in March across various countries at various price points. The G5 will launch in a $199 configuration with 2GB RAM/16GB storage, and the Moto G5 Plus will have a $229 2GB RAM/32GB storage option and a $279 3GB RAM/32GB option. They’re unlocked, so you’ll be able to take them to any carrier you’d like.

Freebies with Purchase of Honor 6x

If you are looking for a Cheap midsize Phone that is Current and off contract the Honor 6x   is the phone to get.It is going for 249.99 USD on Hihonor,Newegg and Amazon..

B&H is offering a better deal(Honor should have done this first),By purchasing the phone through them you get a sweet Deal.Not one but two sweet accessories namely the  JBL Synchros E40BT headphones  + Asus ZenPower Pro 10.050 mAh battery pack.The Price is still going to be USD 249.99 but you get 134.00 in Free Accessories.

Heck if you don’t want or have no use for the accessories, they make a Great Valentines Gift Stuffer or sell them.I might also suggest shipping the extras to my Address.

Anyhow if you do decide to buy the Honor 6x B&H is definitely a better place to buy From.There are no discounts for the phone you have to pay the Full Price of USD 249.99.


The phone ships with Android 6.0 Marshmallow on board but it will get updated to Android 7.0 Nougat eventually. The device is unlocked and is currently only available in gray, but it looks like the gold and silver color options will be in stock soon.

 Run for the Deal



Docker acquires file syncing and sharing app Infinit, will open-source the software — VentureBeat

Docker, the startup that pushes open-source software for packaging up code into containers that can be deployed on many machines, today announced its latest acquisition: file transfer app Infinit. Yes, that’s right, Docker bought a company with a consumer-friendly app. It lets you sync files to your other devices or send them to others. But…

via Docker acquires file syncing and sharing app Infinit, will open-source the software — VentureBeat

Android Pay Update Alert!!!

This Weeks Android Pay Update -to be exact the November 15 2016  Brings  AP to Version 1.10.139240444 .

Android Pay Now allows you to Make Payments with a card other than your default.Just Open the app and tap on the card right before you Pay.

Let me know in the comments section what issues you run into or how satisfies you are with these latest update.

Are you having a BLU week?

As many of you already know by now BLU a company based in Miami Florida that boasts over 35 Million Devices sold worldwide was caught in the crosshairs of Kryptowire a Security Company,a company  Jump started by DARPA and DHS S&T .KryptoWire stated that it had identified several models of Android mobile devices that contained firmware that collected sensitive personal data about their users and transmitted this sensitive data to third-party servers without disclosure or the users consent. These devices were available through major US-based online retailers (Amazon, BestBuy, for example) and included popular smartphones such as the BLU R1 HD.

According to Kryptowire the Personally identifiable Informations included information such as : full-body of text messages, contact lists, call history with full telephone numbers, unique device identifiers including the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI).According to Kryptowire the monitoring activities took place using a commercial Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) update software system that was shipped with the Android devices we tested and were managed by a company named Shanghai Adups Technology Co. Ltd.

As Expected,Adups has assured BLU, Google, and their customers that any of the unintentionally collected data has been destroyed.In any case The Following Models of Phones are shown to have been infected:

  • R1 HD
  • Energy X Plus 2
  • Studio Touch
  • Advance 4.0 L2
  • Neo XL
  • Energy Diamond

Furthermore BLU has stated that to confirm or check whether your device is affected the following steps will aid in that,

  1. Select Settings in the App Drawer
  2. Scroll down and select Apps in the Settings Menu
  3. Select Menu Icon
  4. Click ‘Show system’
  5. Scroll down and select ‘Wireless Update’


BLU also  has twu ways they can be reached for further questions or enquiries:at 1-877-602-8762 or by email at service@bluproducts.com.

Please let us know in the Comment section whether you have been affected or what you Plan on doing with your Phone,and Good Luck.


Source:www.kryptowire.com and http://bluproducts.com/security/



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