TEchnology ENTertainment and DESign

For those that did not understand the Title this stands for TED!!!

I just absolutely love TED Talks and i try as much as possible to watch a couple of Series when Possible,i am like 4 years behind of course.But they have Great articles and Topic searches Ranging from Technology,Education, Entertainment.For those that are not Familiar with TED talks,below is a brief summary.

TED is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. TED  founded in 1984 as a one-off event. The annual conference began in 1990, in Monterey, CaliforniaWikipedia

Here is a Teaser that will whet your Appetite

Join and Spread the Word about TED  for truly its true that IDEAS ARE WORTH SPREADINGImage




As we  begin a new Year,there arises new Challenges for any Organisation and more so with any Non-Profit organisation.I always promote Non-Profit Organisations,that make a Difference and Compudopt is one of them.Anyone that has Time or Money or Both especially Companies and Schools that have Computers that they no longer need,especially with New Budgets and Upgrades to Win 7,please Donate to Organisations like these.Please Read the Article on your Left to see what they have been up to

Please Like the Page and Show your Support,They make a world of Difference one computer at a Time!!!


In the Spirit of Giving i am featuring a non-profit that i am fond of here in Houston,Compudopt that has helped thousands of Children have access to a Computer ,i was luck to get the Opportunity to work with an amazing Group of People who very well showed me What Giving and Volunteering is all about.I must admit i had never

before in my life.Well i may sound biased but It is  A Computer Technology Based Non-Profit  and i am Computer Geek/Nerd choose your poison..


.I was able to snap a few photos of me and a co worker at the old Building.I miss Compudopt Terribly!!!!






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