Samsung Woes Should Worry Apple Even More

By Now everyone has realised that the Note 7 fate has been sealed.It will live on in our hearts as a device that Might Have been.With Samsung looking at an estimated 17 Billion USD in losses-Ouch that is quite the Hit to take,however ,Samsung has a very  diversified Portfolio and while it looks bad on Paper, Samsung will weather this Storm and Move on,Macquarie Research analyst Daniel Kim said, he sees “little collateral damage” to Samsung’s component divisions.Samsung, has a highly diversified business, which includes smart appliances, such as refrigerators, as well as television displays and a chip-making unit. Last quarter, its semiconductor business comprised 23.5% of total revenue. Its consumer electronics division, which includes its digital appliances, printers and health and medical equipment, comprised 23% of sales.

Apple Should actually be more worried,since Apple is much more reliant on its handheld devices than Samsung   is on its family of Galaxy phones and tablets, according to an analysis of both companies’ most recent earnings reports.



I guess some people don’t realize that there’s pretty clear line between charity or truly trying to help someone, and attention whoring. I think that if you head off to another country and spend time with people (building houses, teaching kids, working in a clinic, etc) then come back home and go about your business, then you’re probably a pretty decent person. If you do the same thing, then come back home and write a book, go on a talk show, setup a blog about your adventures, then I figure it wasn’t REALLY all about helping other people, it was all about helping yourself.

Take a deep Breath and Think about It.