Bad Bad Bad HP Inc

It looks like HP was caught with their pants down.Users reported that telemetry software was installed on their PC’s without explicit consent.

For more on this story we go to extreme tech:

Security Trends IN 2013 From Microsoft

I just received a Newsletter from Yours truly Microsoft, about the Security Trends in 2013 especially for Home Users. Malware in 2012 saw a Hike/increase and Spyware is no Better,i personally have become more aware of what websites i visit and Have taken Precautions,i have in my Mix:

MalwareBytes(Best in the Business)

Avira Antivir(Home Free Edition)

SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition

I Do full Scans once a week for Everything,i guess i am a clean Freak when it come to my Laptop and Desktop.Take a peek and Try them out,and Thank me later,i have found that Norton Antivirus at 50 bucks and Higher Memory usage is no good for me,there are a lot Better Antivirus software that do as good a Job if not Better than Norton and are FREE