Huawei P8 Lite First Impressions

The Phone in my opinion Feels premium without being pretentious.

The Candy Bar design is different  as compared to rounded edges but  makes for a thinner feel.

The faux metal finish bar surrounding it give it that Premium look.

The Sim and SD card slots are positioned well and they feel more sturdy than say my LG G2 one.

Volume is  Great on these device kudos o that.

The UI while MIUI like is Great,the launcher need some getting used to,just wish that there was a way to arrange  them for example Alphabetically.

Th layout is great for example love the lock screen they way it  slide upward to quickly view weather and shortcuts to calculator,flashlight and so on.

Theming is Great for non Themer Techies i miss that from MIUI days.

Knock to touch is great,way to go with that.

The Resolution is great for my eyes,tested it with some videos.

Sound equalizer would be an additional welcome.

Cant seem to Find  repeat and shuffle options in Music Player.

Disappointing that the video player could not play various  formats out of the Box.

Love the Data traffic management., ythe Protected apps options Motion Control is sweet as well only seen it in other chines phones and Oppo and the fact that it works Great is sweet.

Network using T-mobile is Great,call quality is clear,maybe  its T-mobile HD voice  added to that.

Bluetooth transfer of files works Great.Yet to test Bluetooth  Handset.

How they got it that Thin is amazing…

Please Note that Both SIM Slots support All Bands,unlike its competitors who have one SIM that will support 3G and the other LTE!!!

I would snag one for myself  and Friends and approx 249.00 Unlocked why DENY yourself the Pleasure of such a Good Bargain.

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