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Ivory Coast has taken steps to make delivering old-fashioned snail mail easier as many of its roads don’t have names: it’s adopting the technology developed by What3Words, a UK mapping start-up to assign unique three-word phrases to locations that can then be found using the app or the website.

I hope to see the Progress and see whether this is successful in Ivory Coast and hopefully be adopted to other African Countries.A  Post office Box(P.O) is okay but we should be able to move beyond that and have Mail delivered to your gate.

The Only issue I see with this in Countries like Kenya is that Criminals will take advantage of this and rob people in broad daylight.

Source: Sophos and What3wWords


Tribes of Kenya

Joy Adamson paintings of Kenyan tribespeople from the 1940s / 1950s.

Congrats to Those who Qualified for the IBM leading to Africa

Congratulations to Those who qualified for the IBM leading to Africa Internship This Summer 2014.Although a bit disappointed,such is life.Now to Chart my Next Move!!!

What to do this Summer is the next question….well Have a Nice day Folks.

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This is a Short Poem that came to me one Day 4 years ago!!! and i forgot to Publish it.I am by no means a poet but an attempt to Voice My frustration at the World we live in as Shown Below!!!

Who are we when we ignore poverty?
Who are we when we isolate the poor?
Who are we when we practice unfairness?
Who are we when money supersedes morality?
Who are we not to care…I ask.

written By Kelvin Njuguna.

Poverty (Photo credit: carlaarena)

World map showing percent of population living...

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Sorry reader for being very quiet the last few days.I have been trying to make sense of the Recent Westgate Terrorist incident that just concluded.I  am From Kenya,and these Past Saturday i woke up to texts and calls from friends and it was like a Scene from an action movie as i watched it unfold on CNN.It hurts that such a Peace loving Nation can succumb to such issues.The Al-shabab in spite of these have actually inspired a nation to Come together and become a stronger People and we will Survive and Rise from these and Trudge Forward as One.I called my Family and the are all Fine.Thank GOD for that(there is a God that Watches over Us).

Innocent people who Die at the hands of terrorist are so unfortunate,more so that they Die because some claims it is defense of a Religion is disgusting and an Insult to Muslims Worldwide.Al-shabab are coward s who i believe further their own agendas Behind Religion.

This also begs the question as to How Gunmen were able to Access the layout and Plans of the Mall and get so Far .How did they manage to “Sneak” into the Country? How is the security situation in Kenya?In my opinion Kenyans have always Talked and complained to the Government that Security is Paramount to Kenyans at large and should have been the #1 Priority,instead they care more about their salaries.That is very insulting to any Mwanachi.I dare say the Government has failed us in this Instance.When we cannot even Figure out who comes and Goes into the country speaks volumes about Security.Its Time to secure our Borders….dare i say repatriate None Kenyan Somalis!!!  This may seem harsh But a line must be drawn when it comes to the Security of a nation.Kenya will not be the same after these,sad that Kenyan-Somalis may feel the wrath of other Kenyans in the coming Months(i hope not).

This is the Chance for the Kenyan Government to Step up to the Plate and Prove Kenyans Wrong,that they can doe something about Security and actually act on It.Take and Press Conferences without Action are just useless!!!.

It is my Believe that the Aftermath will have some Crazy revelations and Some untended Consequences,as what happened in the USA  after 9-11.Hopefully those who Died will not have Died in vain and those responsible will be Dealt with Swiftly.

Mwenyezi Mungu oh
aibariki Kenya yangu
kwa jina la Baba na la Mwana oh
Roho Mtakatifu Amina.Image


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