What IT Blogs are out There for IT Proffessionals????

Well ,according to Biztech magazine they have compiled about 50 of the very best IT blogs to read.

Click on these  link, to Check them out and Give me feedback on what you think.

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Advanced Googling is not Just for the GEEKS and NERD

GEEKS and Nerds i do apologize in advance but Technology information must be shared Freely.Next time impress your colleagues and Friends with advanced Gmail search Prowess


Win or Fail??

I wonder whether the public will be won over with the Release of Windows 8,to me the Metro style does not win me over i  was disgusted with windows 7 Phones to begin with.



I stood with millions  over the last few weeks ,and was recently disappointing by the turn of events that occurred during the last Meeting  of the International Telecommunications Union Held in Dubai.The meetings sole purpose was to increase censorship and regulation of the Internet.At the meeting that concluded last Friday i am Happy to announce that 55 countries DID not sign the treaty or that added  review was needed.I Stand with those 55 Countries that refused to sign,it means that there is still Hope in this world.Unfortunately 89 Countries Signed the Treaty.And to those countries,it is a Damn Shame.I hope for the sake of their future Generations that they do not regret the Decision that they will have to live with.

Please for the sake of our Future Generations go to this link ,remember everything Depends on information…who are we to Deny others the same!!!

Computer Science

This was something that bothered me as well, i was in respiratory School for a whole year and tried nursing as well.MY PASSION was Computer Science and i finally bit the Bullet and Enrolled in a 4 Year University.One thing is for sure its not a cake walk journey you have to put in the work.According to The labor Projection up to 2018 Computer Science is expected to Grow Job wise and Networking especially.Best Advice Visit a local College or University and talk to the Dean and find out what the Degree Plans offered.