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Beware of the 64 Microsoft Surface WYSINWYG!!!

Yep Doing it wrong,only 23 GB!!! that’s Batshit Crazy  for that price that’s Daylight Robbery



Before you go out and buy that $899 Surface Pro, make sure you know what you’re getting: Of the 64 GB storage capacity, only 23 GB are available to you. Microsoft confirmed the specification details to The Verge on Tuesday, stating that the Windows(s msft) install files, recovery partition and built-in Windows software apps are taking up the bulk of the device’s flash storage. While all computing devices have some storage taken up by system software, Microsoft’s Surface devices are the first I can recall that take up the majority of the storage capacity.

In this day and age, I don’t find the situation acceptable. Why? Because a consumer is paying for a device with 64 GB of storage but only getting to use 36 percent of that storage. A more acceptable percentage would be more than double that, in my opinion. Of course, you can always add extra…

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27 inch Coffe Table PC!!!!

Lenovo is to release a 27 inch PC table,finally a family can share the  same PC,instead of being scattered all over the House!!! For more information check out the link below

Great Deal on Tablet

I am Frugal by Nature,and always scouring for Great Deals.Here is a Great Deal i stumbled upon on Daily Steals website.CHECK IT OUT!!! Below ————>

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Confused Between the IPAD and the Galaxy Tab???

It begs me to ask this question,how can someone in their right mind confuse an I pad from a Galaxy tab…i mean the ImageImage



Galaxy tab has different Button arrangement at the button and at the top it says Samsung!!! So back to the Trial Apple stated that Customers were fooled into thinking that they had bought the Ipad when in fact they had bought the Galaxy tab.Those must have been some dimwitted Customers!!!