The rate i am getting rejections is crazy this last few mths..Makes me wonder whether i made the right decision as far as Career choice..i have not got a single bite as far as Internship opportunities:I Really really despise the Rejection letters that are so transparent that you can tell it was a cut and Paste Format.

  • After careful review of your credentials, it has been determined that we do not currently have a match for your background and experience.
  • Kelvin, well, I’m very sorry, but the position didn’t come to fruition after all
  • After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that we have determined your skills are not the right match and we will not be progressing with your candidacy for this particular position.

I wish we had feedback given to better ourselves in the future,it surprises me that Entry Level Internship opportunities require so much knowledge beforehand that you very well know was never in the curriculum…or wanting  2,3,3,4,5 years experience is crazy for Internship Requirements.

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Low Budget Vlog Airs!!!

Late to the party But my First Vlog Attempt in my Life ——————>Vlog Attempt


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Bieber!!! Really????

Bieber!!! Really

Justin Bieber

That i s It i am Done waiting for the Movies sans Justin Bieber is in it,Of all People they had to Get Justin Bieber!!! Dammit….now the Movie is Ruined.

This Better be Fake for Pete’s Sake…..



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