Those who know me very well,know that i am a Frugal(not cheap) person and hence, will shop around for the best Deal(s)!!!!  I have across a couple of websites that have very Good Deals like Amazon has:

are a few that i visit,daily steal in particular is a favorite,i have used them on several occasions and they have excellent Customer Service(pleasantly  surprised).I have found that Meritline is more inclined for Gadgets and accessories as well.

For the Geeks and Nerds you can try  the T-shirts are amazing i ordered 2 of them and Quality is superb.



I know this is not Computer Information related as such,But i feel obligated to Share Information after all The World Runs on Information!!

In this economy Frugal living is important especially for College Students!! I have often been accused of being too Frugal,but hey i am not up to my neck in Debt!!! Never envy your neighbor or Friend whose driving the latest car or wearing the latest fashion.Most if not 100 percent of the time they are Struggling to make ends Meet.I have enrolled in Budget watch with my Bank and it has helped me cut out unnecessary Expenses as well.Other have tried MINT app as well.

I have recently become a regular Reddit reader and stumbled upon this page ,   very Very Very Helpful.

Any other ideas Please Feel Free to share and comment Below….


SG III Update

I know that this is along ways from Computer Stuff but hey i have an SGIII and everyone here in the USA has been asking about when the Jelly bean aka JB is coming to Phones Worldwide and i happened to stumble(not to be confused with stumbleon) upon these website that updates Daily.


many Thanks to  www. 



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