5 Top websites for For the Geek In You

I hate Shopping ,mostly to my 5″2 frame ,this means that i have to try each and Every thing i have to buy.Online catalogs are out of the question.In a dditoon to that i cannot find any Geeky clothes in local Shops around my area.I want to Proudly Display my Geekiness without Shame.Just want to put this out there for the Selfie Queens,wearing big Rimmed Glasses does not make you a Geek,nor is holding a Xbox or Playstation joystick.Enough of that,I decided to list some of  The 5 Top websites to shop for “Geeky” Apparel :

  1. ThinkGeek-They Have a Sale for Free Shipping for Purchases over  $75.00
  2. Snorgtees-They have 10 Dollars off on some Apparel
  3. Busted Tees-they have T-shirts for as low as $8.00,wow that what i call a Sale
  4. 6Dollar Tshirts-Damn they have steeper discounts than Bustes Tees,as low as 6 Dollars.
  5. Zazzle-They are more Pricey!! But you can’t put a Price on Classy!!


Those who know me very well,know that i am a Frugal(not cheap) person and hence, will shop around for the best Deal(s)!!!!  I have across a couple of websites that have very Good Deals like Amazon has:



are a few that i visit,daily steal in particular is a favorite,i have used them on several occasions and they have excellent Customer Service(pleasantly  surprised).I have found that Meritline is more inclined for Gadgets and accessories as well.

For the Geeks and Nerds you can try http://www.computerGear.com  the T-shirts are amazing i ordered 2 of them and Quality is superb.


Google +

I have had a chance to try Google + ,and it is an interesting Concept as  compared to Facebook.But also a bit tricky to navigate.Google may want to simplify the  setup.Its okay for Geeks(computer) but the common folk may not find it easy to use.