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Eternal Sunshine of the IS Mind

I’ll be discussing one particular development of Information Systems: The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

It is said it can be seen as a very methodological and structural way of developing I.S. It’s used to develop,maintain and replace I.S. It was first developed in 1970 and has been progressing since. Generally consisting of 5 phases: 1.Planning, 2. Analysis, 3. Design, 4. Implementation and 5. Maintenance.

Companies choose SDLC for a number of reasons, some being:

  • To help improve existing systems.
  • To correct problems with existing systems.
  • To gain competitive advantage.
  • It helps to reduce failures (unclear requests etc.)
  • Reducing the possibility of system not meeting users needs.

These are to name but a few.

Here is a diagram I found which might make the stages clearer, although this particular image shows it to be a 10 stage process, the 5 stages we have studied in class are laid out in a clear manner which some of…

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Should we be writing off java, as Oracle continues to struggle to patch up java. I REMEMBER the advice I and I am sure everybody else got was to disable Java. Since then it’s become an almost weekly find and starting to look like a zero day scenario ,Like what we see with Microsoft.It may be Time to consider Java coming as an optional Download with Operating Systems like Windows,instead  its starting to look like Crap ware.I can only imagine a System Admin Debating whether to Install or update Java on a Daily Basis especially when Mission critical Software Demands Java.

Is this the End of Java as we know it?

What other alternatives are out there?

What are your thoughts?