ESEA Hacked!!!

Information from a recent breach of a competitive video gaming community surfaced over the weekend online. ESEA was made aware of the breach on December, 27th 2016.

ESEA issued an “important” security notice.In response to this Data breach  and they have since enforced the following:

  • Password reset
  • MFA reset
  • Security question reset

Fortunately, no credit card, bank account, etc was stored and also so any payments made on the ESEA website, or through third parties, have not been compromised.

Users have also been urged to do the following:

  • Change your passwords and security questions/answers for any other accounts on which you used the same or similar information used for your ESEA account, and review any such accounts for any suspicious activity
  • Use passwords specific to each website you hold accounts at
  • Be cautious of any unsolicited communications that ask you for personal information or refer you to a website asking for personal information




Alternative version of image:Wooden hourglass ...

Well we all know that the Mayans Prediction did not come true(Phew).Well what about the Computer World? This got me thinking,Everything must come to an end right? So Computers must do the same,after a loooooong Research i found out that  the exact Date is —–>

15:30:08 UTC on December 4th of the Year of Our Lord 292,277,026,596.

Well Dont go Panicking!!! we will not be around to see that Day,the Earth is not going to last that time anyways and theoretically Humans will be Gone by then.