Windows 10 s ? What is it exactly?

Microsoft 10 introduced Windows 10 s last Month,May 2 to be exact and this looks like its Microsoft fight to recapture what market share that Chrome Os has been biting away.

Windows 10 s is a light weight version of windows 10 tweaked to work with low cost laptop.

Key Points to understand:

  • Understand that its not slated for individual sale but rather for Schools that are running education windows.
  • Windows 10 S doesn’t cost a dime. Well, not to schools sporting Windows 10 Pro already.
  • Windows 10 s can only support apps downloaded from Microsoft’s Windows Store and those already baked into the OS.
  • Windows 10 S  dont  have the choice of which browser or search engine they use, with Edge and Bing being the only options you can use.
  • Plus side to this is that Malware issues practically dissapear as well as OEMs  wont load all the crapware that they bundle on regular laptops and desktops.
  • Windows 10 S PCs, at prices starting at $189. Microsoft’s own flagship Windows 10 S device is the Surface Laptop starts at $999.
  • Windows 10 S supports Windows Update for Business.
  • Bitlocker is available on devices running Windows 10 s.

Will these be a Chromebook Killer? This remains to be seen.






Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607: September 29, 2016

Its Seems Microsoft has Blessed us with another Cumulative Update #Versions 1607 which brings the OS upto 14393.222.

This Particular update has a number of fixes including the Following :

  • Improved reliability of the Windows Update Agent, shared drives, virtual private network (VPN), clustering, HTTP downloads, Internet Explorer 11, Hyper-V platform, multimedia playback, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Improved performance of push and local notifications, Hyper-V platform, and some social media websites using Microsoft Edge.
  • Addressed issue where mapping a drive from an elevated command prompt doesn’t work with administrator credentials.
  • Addressed issue causing movies that were ripped using the transport stream (.ts) format to play without sound in Windows Media Player and the Xbox One Media Player app.
  • Addressed issue causing the Movies & TV app on the Xbox to stop working when attempting to play content that was just purchased from the Store.
  • Addressed issue where ActiveX can’t be installed when using the ActiveX Installer Service (AXIS) in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Addressed issue causing “Print all linked documents” to not work in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Improved reliability of downloading and updating games from the Store.
  • Addressed issue preventing some users from changing the default download location in Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Addressed issue causing unnecessary notifications about fixing Microsoft account in Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Addressed additional issues with multimedia, Windows kernel, Windows shell, enterprise security, storage file system, Remote Desktop, core platform, Hyper-V platform, Windows Update for Business, display kernel, near field communication (NFC), input and composition, Bluetooth, Microsoft Lync 2010 compatibility, Windows Storage API, app registration, Trusted Platform Module, Group Policy, Internet Explorer 11, virtual private network (VPN), BitLocker, wireless networking, datacenter networking, Cortana, PowerShell, Active Directory, connection manager and data usage, Access Point Name (APN) database, Microsoft Edge, Windows Recovery Environment, file clustering, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, audio playback settings, DShow Bridge, app compatibility, licensing, cloud infrastructure, domain name system (DNS) server, network controller, USB barcode reader, and Adobe Flash Player.


Please comment if you have been able to install the update successfully and if not also let us know what issues you encountered.