Is Windows Defender enough ?

defender Creators Update

So you got a windows 10 machine or upgraded and you realise that you have Windows defender as a free antivirus that comes as part of the package.You are probably wondering is it safe to just use as is or install one of the common antivirus that we use,Avast,comodo,Norton Antivirus…etc.

Well good News is that,this new  version of Windows Defender in Windows 10 comes with plenty of new security features. It has cloud protection so that it can stop malware from entering your computer.

I would like to point out that there is never 100%  protection and the best protection is you the end user.Practice Good Computer Hygiene and you should never have to use any other antivirus.It is foolish to rely on an antivirus as this gives you false hope and lead you to go to sketchy sites.

Also recently we have seen that Antivirus have become vectors for  Malware and viruses,since they hook themselves to the very base of the OS and as such the bad guys have learnt they can use antivirus as the vehicle for Bad guys.

So here are some things that can help you stay Safe on the Web:

  • Do Not use your Admin Account for day-to-day activities create another user account
  • Keep your PC updated and especially now with Windows 10 Updates are better and seamless.
  • Be careful to download apps from reliable websites.
  • Do not click on popups.I would add an Ad Blocker to your browser as well
  • Use your sixths since before clicking on something
  • Make Backups as well of your data on your PC!




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