You always remember your First!!

The saying goes that you always remember your first!!  and this strikes the heart when one remembers the Nokia 3310.I remember this was the first Phone my Mom got and boy did  I play the heck out of the snake game.The Ringtones were a delight.

The Nokia 3310 Spawned a lot of Memes about its indestructible nature and is a phone that a lot of people have a fan-like devotion to.These fans will be pleased to learn that Nokia (HMD) has revived the NOKIA 3310.According to Engadget, this little number will launch in matte blue and gray finishes, which sound traditional if a little boring.You can’t beat the 1 month of battery Time that HMD promises you get.

At 50 USD/49 Euro, this is the quintessential trap phone with no GPS, WIFI or an app store.You do get a Color screen though and a completely different snake game.This is clearly not an everyday phone but might find a couple of uses like a rave phone,a beach phone or one you carry when you want to unplug from the world.

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