Volunteering as an alternative to Internship

When I was applying for my Internship in  Community College I found the task daunting as the college I was going to was not very helpful in getting internships and i was lucky to find these Volunteering place located in Houston called Compudopt.Very nice place to fulfill my College Credit but it changed by thinking about Volunteering as well.While it did not Pay a dime i got a good feeling about helping others in need.

If you find yourself with some time on your hand please go to  www.compudopt.org

IT students face many Hurdles…

As an IT student i found that getting Companies that are willing to Accept interns was Quite difficult especially from Community College Level,maybe these can be attributed to the economy but i would think that IT managers in these companies would be willing to give Students a chance to prove themselves!!!


Any student face the same problem???



Computer information Systems outlook

According to the Bureaus of labor Statistics the job outlook for  http://www.bls.gov/ooh/Management/Computer-and-information-systems-managers.htm Does this seem like a true indication of Current Job statistics????




had an opportunity to attend this event that CITRIX and Microsoft sponsored,i must say that,it was a perfect event and i did learn alot…..man Citrix  has some exciting product to offer for example Xendesktop,XenApp,XenClient.Virtualization is taking off in a big way,ijust wish i had a chance to experirienc it in live mode.


Google +

I have had a chance to try Google + ,and it is an interesting Concept as  compared to Facebook.But also a bit tricky to navigate.Google may want to simplify the  setup.Its okay for Geeks(computer) but the common folk may not find it easy to use.


Google +

Has anybody tried out Google + if so what do you like about it….

How does one beat the crowd and get an interview in the IT field especially entry Level??


Just started a blog for IT students

For those who have not yet Read this Blog Yet,the idea was to bridge the Gap Between Students and the Outside Classroom Class.I have found that Theory and Real life is an important Balance that Must be Achieved.Any IT Proffesional will tell you that Keeping up with the ever Changing world is an important Part of your Career!!!

I Intend to Help with that Process,and i hope you journey with me…..Strap on your SeatBelt and lets RIDE.

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