Eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Light, Warm White LED, Light Sensor

The 4 pack Lumi Plug model T1303 comes in a small standard box that weighs in at 7.2 pound that is not too obtrusive but clearly explains what Is in the box. They are rated at an input AC120V-60Hz and Power 0.4W.

The packaging of each night light is in a soft white plastic pouch. Clearly quality is eufy strength. You get two leaflets one is instructions on usage which are self-explanatory and the other is a Happy Card with warranty information.

One is greeted with 4-night lights that are white in nature and a small eufy logo at the bottom of the white light. The LED glow a soft white light that is not harsh to the eyes something that I clearly consider when looking for night lights and are bright enough for any space be it in the bathroom, bedroom or walkway in the house.

At 12.99 they are great value for money when you compare to other models that retail for 15 dollars for a two pack.Anyone looking for nice white night lights ought to take a look at this. The only caveat I have noticed is that its only useful being connected to the top socket since if connected to the bottom socket that leave the top socket covered. Also noteworthy is that the light turns on only when the room is pitch black.

I own several Anker products and have been impressed every time and now recommend their products to family and friends and this is no exception.Would definitely get another pack.

Open Concept Office!!

This has been known, and documented extensively by academic research, for at least 30 years.

There are only two reasons that corporate decision-makers continue to promote open office layouts today:

  • They want to save money. Open plans are a hell of a lot cheaper than private offices.
  • They are ignorant (either innocently, or willfully) of all this easily accessible knowledge.

The second explanation is almost impossible to come by in the real world. Billion-dollar companies don’t hire teams of a dozen planners, and specialized consultants, who remain blissfully unaware of the scientific consensus.

So when they tell you it’s about “fostering teamwork” or “encouraging idea exchange” or even just telling you how cool it is because [famous company X] does it that way, its BS. They’re going to save a ton of money by going with the open plan, and that’s what it’s all about.

Samsung Cloud Sync Support Ends.

For those who use Samsung Sync then the information is of most importance!

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Beginning on 2021-06-30, Gallery Sync and Drive storage for My Files will no longer be supported by Samsung Cloud and your data will be deleted, as explained further below. In addition, if you have a premium storage subscription plan, this will automatically be canceled beginning 2021-04-01 and a refund may be issued to you.

These features will now be supported by Microsoft OneDrive (This may not be supported in certain countries or device models). To minimize any inconveniences there might be, we offer you a way to migrate your existing Gallery Sync and/or Drive data to OneDrive conveniently until 2021-03-31 and continue with your service experience, or alternatively, to download your data to your mobile device and/or PC. Please note, if you migrate or download your data, these features may end and your data may be deleted prematurely even before the official end date, as described below.

You can keep enjoying other features of Samsung Cloud, such as backing up/syncing and restoring other data (such as Contacts, Calendar, and Notes).[Features to be deprecated]
– Gallery Sync, Drive, and Premium storage subscription.

The Shutdown Process is as follows;

From 2020-10-05
-No longer be able to newly use above-listed features.
-OneDrive migration and data download available.

From 2021-04-0
-Discontinue existing use of Gallery Sync and Drive
-End of OneDrive migration support
-Cancel the then-current premium storage subscription automatically and refund the last payment

From 2021-06-30
-End of data download support

Mask Rant

Alot of Americans seem to confuse inconvenience with oppression A business has a right to refuse you service if you do not have a mask on, it’s that simple.It amazes me when you hear full grown ass human beings make dumb comments like “I look healthy”,”I don’t give a damn”,”I have a right not to wear a mask”.God forbid your older family members die from something you brought home.

The below image perfectly embodies what I have been seeing around.

Credit:adomtots and scottlynch78

A glint of hope for India’s food delivery market as Zomato projects monthly cash burn of less than $1M — TechCrunch

Food delivery startups in India have been struggling to make financial sense for years. They have each lost as much as $50 million a month to win and sustain customers by offering discounts. And unlike some other markets, food delivery startups have been severely hit by the coronavirus pandemic. But Zomato, one of the two…

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NASA signs agreement with Japan to cooperate across Space Station, Artemis and Lunar Gateway projects — TechCrunch

NASA has signed a new agreement with Japan that lays out plans for the two nations to cooperate on the International Space Station (continuing existing partnership between the countries there) as well as on NASA’s Artemis program, which includes missions in lunar space and to the lunar surface. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine signed the agreement…

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