Google +

I have had a chance to try Google + ,and it is an interesting Concept as  compared to Facebook.But also a bit tricky to navigate.Google may want to simplify the  setup.Its okay for Geeks(computer) but the common folk may not find it easy to use.


Google +

Has anybody tried out Google + if so what do you like about it….

How does one beat the crowd and get an interview in the IT field especially entry Level??


Just started a blog for IT students

For those who have not yet Read this Blog Yet,the idea was to bridge the Gap Between Students and the Outside Classroom Class.I have found that Theory and Real life is an important Balance that Must be Achieved.Any IT Proffesional will tell you that Keeping up with the ever Changing world is an important Part of your Career!!!

I Intend to Help with that Process,and i hope you journey with me…..Strap on your SeatBelt and lets RIDE.


which is more important

cyber attacks

in the past few months we have seen alot of cyber attacks happen here in the USA most recently with the PSN network.As it students what is your take on this… 100 percent cyber security even possible


A Warm welcome to the new blog!! for IT students in colleges or universities and Non IT’s(we understand)

                                                      untitled.jpgA Warm welcomee to the new blog!! for IT students in colleges or universities and Non IT’s(we understand)


Hello world!

welcome to the blog!!! any thoughts are greatly welcome AND Appreciated.I will continue to Bring out the best in Computers and Information Systems.In addition i will be promoting Non-IT articles that i find interesting as well,Man cannot live on IT alone.

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