The Kospet Tank T1 Pro vs Kospet Tank T2

Kospet Tank T1 Pro

Kospet Tank T2

If you are looking for a rugged and durable smartwatch that can handle outdoor activities, you might be interested in comparing the Kospet Tank T1 Pro and the Kospet Tank T2. These two models are among the latest offerings from Kospet, a company that specializes in military-grade smartwatches.

In this blog post, we will compare their specs, features, prices, pros and cons to help you decide which one suits your needs better.

The Kospet Tank T1 Pro was launched in February 2023, while the Kospet Tank T2 was released in December 2023. Both smartwatches have a circular design with a metal body and silicone straps. They also have a 1.43-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels, which is impressive for this price range. The AMOLED screen also supports an always-on display feature, which means you can see the time and other information without waking up the watch.

Both smartwatches are also 5ATM waterproof, which means they can withstand water pressure up to 50 meters deep. This makes them suitable for swimming and other water activities. They also have a heart rate sensor, a blood pressure monitor, a blood oxygen monitor, and a sleep monitor to track your health status. They also support Bluetooth calling, which means you can make and receive calls directly from your wrist.

However, there are also some differences between the two models:

  • Tank T1 Pro can last up to 15 days of normal use and up to 60 days of standby time while the Tank T2 can last up to 8 days of normal use and up to 50 days of standby time.
  • Another difference is that the Kospet Tank T2 has more sports modes than the Kospet Tank T1 Pro.
  • The Tank T2 can track up to 70 sports activities, such as running, cycling, swimming, tennis, basketball, football, etc., while the Tank T1 Pro can only track up to 40 sports activities. This means that the Tank T2 can provide more detailed and accurate data for your workouts.

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