Professional Etiquette

Professional Etiquette

Professional etiquette is an unwritten code of conduct regarding the interactions among the members in a business setting. When proper professional etiquette is used, all involved are able to feel more comfortable, and things tend to flow more smoothly. Professional etiquette plays a monumental role in making a lasting positive first impression. In professional situations, displaying proper etiquette can give you a competitive edge over others who may not be using proper etiquette. Likewise, failing to use the correct etiquette may result in being overlooked for employment or losing other valuable opportunities. Professional etiquette can be applied to many areas of an individual’s work life including e-mails, phone calls, and business meetings.
Remember that the information contained in this tutorial is based on what is customarily considered proper professional etiquette in the United States. If you are meeting a possible business contact from another culture, or making contacts while travelling abroad, it would be wise to do some research beforehand to find out what is considered proper etiquette in that particular culture. There are many differences in dining style, greetings, perceptions of body language and so forth, worldwide. Being educated on these differences could save you from making a blunder and possibly offending someone or ruining an opportunity for yourself.

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