Windows 10 s ? What is it exactly?

Microsoft 10 introduced Windows 10 s last Month,May 2 to be exact and this looks like its Microsoft fight to recapture what market share that Chrome Os has been biting away.

Windows 10 s is a light weight version of windows 10 tweaked to work with low cost laptop.

Key Points to understand:

  • Understand that its not slated for individual sale but rather for Schools that are running education windows.
  • Windows 10 S doesn’t cost a dime. Well, not to schools sporting Windows 10 Pro already.
  • Windows 10 s can only support apps downloaded from Microsoft’s Windows Store and those already baked into the OS.
  • Windows 10 S  dont  have the choice of which browser or search engine they use, with Edge and Bing being the only options you can use.
  • Plus side to this is that Malware issues practically dissapear as well as OEMs  wont load all the crapware that they bundle on regular laptops and desktops.
  • Windows 10 S PCs, at prices starting at $189. Microsoft’s own flagship Windows 10 S device is the Surface Laptop starts at $999.
  • Windows 10 S supports Windows Update for Business.
  • Bitlocker is available on devices running Windows 10 s.

Will these be a Chromebook Killer? This remains to be seen.






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