Samsung + Viv

Samsung has apparently Purchased a little known company Called Viv.Viv is a digital assistant developed by the maker of Apple’s Siri.Inspite of the Beating that Samsung has endured with the recent Samsung Note7 Recall.With the recent launch of the Pixel Phone by Google which highlighted focus on an AI digital assistance function Samsung is looking to bridge that gap.

The deal showcases Samsung’s commitment to virtual personal assistants and is part of the company’s broader vision to deliver an AI-based open ecosystem across all of its devices and services,the South Korean Giant said.

Viv was founded by AI visionaries Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham. As part of the acquisition, the founding team will work closely with Samsung’s Mobile Communications business, but continue to operate independently under its existing leadership.

It remains to be Seen whether this acquisition will be a fruitful one for Samsung and hopefully help it carve its niche in the ever-growing AI market and hopefully catch up or even surpass Google Pixel.

As they say only Time will Tell,If you have any comments we woul love to hear from You.




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