After the Dust has settled with the #madebygoogle yesterday its time to Focus on the next big event,and that is LeEco Big announcement on October 19th 2016 in San Francisco.Not that back in September 28th 2016. LeEco confirmed the appointment of Rob Chandhok as the new Chief of R&D at the company’s American division in order to take control of things as the company prepares to launch in the US.So it seems that has come to fruition.


According to twitterati folks,LeEco will reveal a smart phone (or more) as well as a video streaming service that will compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and the likes. Both of these would make sense.I am hoping for a LeSee debut showcase and a Tv for the American market with American Content.

Some of you might Recall that waaaaay back in June 2016,PR Director Todd Witkemper himself confirmed  to SlashGear that LeEco is hiring employees in the US, and is looking to launch sometime in the fall.

If LeEco does manage to prevail, it will be one of the very few Chinese smart phone makers to formally set up shop in the US, beating even bigger players like Xiaomi, Meizu, and OPPO.This would be a good time to launch New gadgets just in time for the Holidays.

LeEco’s launch event is set to take place at the Innovation Hanger, a “social innovation space” located inside the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco that hosts exhibits, workshops and community events.

What do you think the Big reveal or reveals are going to be for this Company?

Source:Phonescoop,Twitter and gadgets.ndtv



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