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Are you in Between relationships,are you lonely,need some Companionship or in Need of Some Geek Love?

Look No Further than Toyota,they  announced on Monday  a New Robot called Kirobo Mini.It’s a smaller version of Kirobo, the robot that Toyota joint-developed and sent into space in 2013 alongside Koichi Wakata, the first Japanese astronaut to command the International Space Station.According to Reuters, Toyota plans to sell Kirobo Mini, which blinks its eyes and speaks with a baby-like high-pitched voice, for 39,800 yen ($392) in Japan next year. It also comes with a “cradle” that doubles as its baby seat designed to fit in car cup holders.

The Kirobo Mini does require a SmartPhone app but not much is known otherwise,But according to Toyota Europe, the  Kirobo Mini could help driving become a physically and emotionally transformative experience. After all, Kirobo’s name derives from the Japanese word for ‘hope’, and we believe he’s filled with exciting possibilities…

Source:Toyota Europe,Reuters



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