If you are in the Market for a New Handheld  Device like a  Huawei Phone you might want to think twice about it as it Seems that, According to Phandroid,The Department of Homeland Security has issued a new national vulnerability alert for owners of a handful of Huawei devices. The devices affected include the Mate S, P8, Honor 6, and Honor 6 Plus.

Huawei Mate S
  • Software version CRR-TL00 before CRR-TL00C01B362
  • Software version CRR-UL20 before CRR-UL20C00B362
  • Software version CRR-CL00 before CRR-CL00C92B362
  • Software version CRR-CL20 before CRR-CL20C92B362
Huawei P8
  • Software version GRA-TL00 before GRA-TL00C01B366
  • Software version GRA-UL00 before GRA-UL00C00B366
  • Software version GRA-UL10 before GRA-UL10C00B366
  • Software version GRA-CL00 before GRA-CL00C92B366
Huawei Honor 6 & Honor 6 Plus
  • Software versions before 6.9.16


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