Anker SoundCore Wireless Speaker

Anker SoundCore

(Dual-Driver Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with Superior Stereo Sound and Incredible 24-Hour Playtime)

Wireless Speaker with Enhanced Bass and Built-in Microphone

Key features of this speaker:

Well First of All it’s Pretty Snazzy Packaging, not obtrusive and easy to take out the Product. Came in Black Packaging and a Subtle “Anker” logo on the front of the box and on the Back you have the Unit Details. Once you open the Box you are met by yet  more Anker  Advertising letting you know that 18 Month Warranty and the company has heard a 99% Positive Review.

Inside the Box is the Anker BT Speaker in a soft Plastic bag, kudos to Anker on that and also the fact that it’s easy to take out and a knife is not required take out unit. The unit has a USB cord on the left hand side in a small box for charging no Brick in the unit I got. Any Standard USB will do I used the one I use to charge my Tablet. Or if you prefer you can charge from a Laptop or Desktop a Multilanguage Welcome Guide is included as well. Please be advised to pull out the insert box to find the Welcome Guide.


The unit weighs 365g/129oz and size is 165X45X54 mm or 6.5 X 1.8 X 2.1 inch. Has a Rated range of 10mm/33 ft. Input is rated at 5 V/1A and Audio Output of 3W X 2


The unit itself is a Black Finish with 5 Buttons on the top side. From Left to Right you get Power Button, Volume Down/Pause, Volume Down and BT Button and a standard USB port on the right side with an Aux Port and a red light that lights on while charging. The Mesh on the Speaker side is nice and The Anker Logo is on the Grill very subdued as well, a nice touch as well. Press the Power Button to turn on was easy and I loved the Sound it makes letting you know that it is turned on and off and Blue light comes on in the Front through the Mesh. Pairing with my Phone and Tablet was a Breeze but note that you cannot pair with two Devices at a Time. Tested with Music on Phone and streaming Tune in radio from Tablet. The Output is Pretty Loud even at Maximum and very little distortion either. The Hands Free Calling paired with Phone is Pretty Sweet and audio was clear enough that I and the other person could hear myself clearly as well.


In Summary, it’s a Pretty Good Toy to use and a price Point of under USD 50  would do nicely anything above USD 50.00 would have a hard time selling.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest

Below is a Slide Show of the Unboxing of  Anker Speaker


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