Ninite – update/install all your programs at once
PortableApps – load several apps on a thumb drive to run on any Windows PC. recommended by /u/danteas1
SlimDrivers – Cloud based program that detects what drivers need to be updated. Incredible–especially after formatting an operating system. No need for CDs or trying to remember which model card, adapter…etc. you have. recommended by /u/El_Frijol
Copy – Online cloud storage. Start with 15gb free. Or 20gb with a referral link.

SyncThing – opensource alternative for bitsync. its recommended if you care about your privacy and security of your files. recommended by /u/akeryw
Mega Desktop Sync(50GB) and Symform (Unlimited, but you must share back!) – both cloud storage services recommended by /u/muntoo
Calibre – Free ebook library management
F.luxAdjusts the gamma on your screen uses magic as the day progresses to reduce eye strain.
GIMP – Free photo manipulation software
Inkscape – Free and open vector graphics editor.
Paint.NET – Windows application designed to be the much needed upgrade to MS Paint. recommended by /u/SquirreIand /u/zeaga
Pixlr – Online photo editor. web-based equivalent to an old version of Photoshop from 2005 or something. Very functional for occasional use manipulating images, and seeing as it’s web-based and doesn’t require an account it’s super easy to use from anywhere. recommended by /u/abercromby3
Sumo Paint – Powerful graphics editor for your web browser and pc, recommended by /u/NotMyCircus
Blender – Open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation. recommended by /u/Tom7980
Prey Project – Multi-platform anti-theft software
RES – Reddit enhancement suite – A must have for all you redditing needs
KeePass – free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
LastPass – free (with premium for multiple platforms), easy-to-use password manager.
Dictionary Pop-up extension, double click on a word that you don’t know the meaning of and a dictionary definition pops up. Firefox extension powered by Chrome extension powered by Google
ClipCube – clipboard history.
ClipX – ClipX is a tiny clipboard history manager. It is sweet, it is free, use it. ClipCube alternative.
LeechBlock (Firefox add-on) – simple productivity tool designed to block those time-wasting sites that can suck the life out of your working day. recommended by /u/Rae_Starr
StayFocused – Chrome alternative to LeechBlock, recommended by /u/Jeskid14


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