Mom and Dad, I’m going to IBM Research in Africa to Change the World

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By Christopher Sciacca .

Oliver, Meenal and Abdigani at IBM Research - Zurich Oliver, Meenal and Abdigani at IBM Research – Zurich

Abdigani Diriye, Meenal Pore and Oliver Bent have very little in common. They come from different backgrounds, were educated at different universities, and have career aspirations in different scientific fields. But they do have one thing in common — they recently told their family and friends that they will be moving to Africa to work as full-time scientists at IBM’s latest research laboratory in Nairobi, Kenya.

The new lab’s research agenda includes the development of cognitive computing technologies that can be applied to address issues as diverse as public health, education and agriculture. A number of projects in Africa are already underway, such as the development of traffic-dodging mobile app Twende Twende (“let’s go”). 

Before making the trek south, the three IBMers have spent the last few weeks at one of IBM’s most established labs located in Zurich, Switzerland. As…

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