10 Things “Never To Do” in an Interview

i wish we had this information back then thanks @Gary markell

IBM Jobs Blog

by Gary Markell

10) Never interrupt. Even though you may have a great point, if you interrupt you have invaded their dialog, and you just sent a message that what they have to say to you is not important. It is a red flag regarding your listening skills and your people skills.

9) Never be late to an interview. Map out the route that you will be taking. If you have time, drive out to the location prior to the interview date. Always be 15 minutes early. It also gives you a chance to unwind and relax.

8) Never ramble. That means do not talk on and on in the details. Speak in tiers. Give a brief description and if the interviewer wants more detail they will ask you for it. Practice at home. Some people never learn this. For the thorough, detail oriented people, it takes focus and discipline.

7) Never under…

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