99 Dollar Tablet |MONDAY ONLY


Microsoft to slash Dell Windows 8.1 tablet to $99 — for a day

Good only on Monday, the price on the Dell Venue 8 Pro is a hefty discount from the usual $299. Microsoft Promises a sale each day until Christmas week rings in. To kick off the holiday discounts, Microsoft will sell the Dell Venue 8 Pro for just $99, down dramatically from $299 at its retail outlets and online stores.

Most of Microsoft’s retail outlets open at 10:00 a.m. on weekdays, so those of you who want the Dell tablet should hit your local store by then. The deal also will be available at 7 a.m. PT at Microsoft’s online store, according to the spokeswoman.

NOTE:ONE PER CUSTOMER and ONLY IN USA AND CANADA ,retail and online stores in the US and only in retail stores in Canada. 

Source: www.microsoftstore.com ;  newscnet

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