Gave me a Headache

Gave me a Headache

Wow this is Crazy!!! How many Tool bars does one need. Please Do not do this!!!

Slows down your browser not to speak of what is running behind the scenes ugh!! and how much estate do you then have  to even Browse the Internet.

PSA: Someone didn’t uncheck the little boxes when they installed their stuff! Read first, click last!


2 thoughts on “Gave me a Headache”

  1. Ouch parul ,one better have this old lady who plays online gambling and other yahoo games.I had to clean sooo much junk for about 2 hours and then install and update her antivirus.I told her to stay away from those games but after 2 mths she calls with the same problem.i referred her to someone else…


  2. I recently “cleaned” someone’s computer and I had to get rid of these toolbars. It killed me slowly.


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