Certifications Vary Depending on What Path you are taking Whether Microsoft or Cisco to name the Two Most Common Ones.

If you choose the Microsoft Side  Here is the link that i believe will Best explain the Different Branches.

If you Choose  Cisco Certifications then here is the Link, that will best Outline

In 2013 the Hottest Certifications are in no order:

There are various certifications in Information Technology.Those Trending in 2013 are (in no particular Order)

  1. Certified Wireless Network Administrator-Cisco
  2. Big data-Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop-Clouders
  3. Access Governance-Novell Identity Manager Administrator-Novell
  4. Certified Information Security Manager-CISM-Cisco
  5. Secure Mobile Certification Mobile Developer-SMCMD-compTIA
  6. CompTIA Green IT-compTIA
  7. Data Analytics-Cisco,EMC,DataMeer

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