Good move: HTC reportedly scraps Windows RT tablet plans

Thank God!!!!


Earlier in May, HTC was rumored to be entering the Microsoft(s msft) Windows RT tablet market and now, just a few weeks later, those plans are over. Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported HTC’s change in course on Thursday due to weak demand for Windows RT. Instead, the company is expected to move forward on a 7-inch Android(s goog) tablet.

Acer Iconia W510I didn’t like the idea of an HTC Windows RT slate for several reasons. First, while the Windows RT product does suit some people’s needs very well, there’s no indication it’s a big seller or that there’s a huge market for such a device. Part of the problem is the cost: For about the same price, consumers can buy a full Windows 8 tablet with similar battery life.

And HTC simply doesn’t have the experience with Windows to engineer a hit right now. In 2007, the company…

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