Lack of Women in Physical Sciences- It Is Not a Choice If They Don’t See The Options

That could be a true statemnet,i think that historical myths need to be debunked as well that women are not scientific material,and that they doe more or are a better fit in Social sciences.Women can play a vital role in Computer Science as well,A different approach is necessary in any Group!!!


Science, I Choose You!

Two weekends ago I read an editorial by Margaret Wente published in the Globe and Mail. The article titled “Gender parity trumps excellence in science?” was a response to a recent report “Strengthening Canada’s Research Capacity: The Gender Dimension.” The report by the Council of Canadian Academies was commissioned due to the lack of female researchers in the 2008 Canada Excellence Research Chair program.

I appreciate many points raised by Margaret. I agree that government policies are often very short-sighted and include not much else other than “handouts” that actually could contribute to prejudice against female students or scientists (handouts are ridiculous – I would like to think that I received my scholarships and grants because I was capable of producing high quality research, not because as a data point I made the government look better). Often times discussions regarding gender issues within physical sciences, computer science…

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