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Serious science fiction fans are always hungry for new authors, perspectives and worlds. Cory Doctorow, no stranger to science fiction fandom nor authorship, recently pointed out a terrific post at DavidBDean.com that listed websites where one can find DRM-free science fiction to slake that cyberliterature thirst.

The following list combines the best of the online resources for DRM-free science fiction suggested by the BoingBoing community with the excellent “13 DRM-free ebook sites” resource by Mark Gladding at Text2Go Blog.

Baen Free Library
You’ll find around a hundred or so free ebooks here. There’s also an Annotated Baen Free eBook Listing, which includes scads of CD-ROMs that shipped as promotional materials, all neatly zipped up for download.

Cory Doctorow has made gobs of his science fiction novels and novellas available online for download. I enjoyed Little Brother, though fans of classic space…

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