Windows 8: Upgrading, downgrading and pricing (part 2)

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Continuing with some Windows 8 information….


Assuming that Windows 8 Professional incorporates license terms similar to those of its predecessors, it will include the right to downgrade to Windows 7 Professional. When you buy a new PC with Windows 8 Professional installed [i.e. OEM copy], you can legally replace it with a copy of Windows 7 Professional.

Downgrade rights are not available for System Builder copies of Windows 8 installed with a Personal Use License or for upgrades from a preinstalled copy of Windows 8.


If you have an existing desktop PC or notebook that came with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 and was purchased before June 2, 2012:

  • Wait until October 26 and order the Windows 8 Pro online upgrade from Microsoft for $40 [extra $15 for the physical media].
  • Purchase a boxed upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from a reseller like Newegg, Amazon, or Staples…

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