A Nerd Moment in Tech!!!

A dear friend happened to be moving and she found an mp3 player circa 2005 DJ Ditty, to be exact i was shocked that Dell had even made an mp3 player.I could wait to get home and power up the sucker.Pretty good mp3 player,of course i had to Google the guide to figure out how to operate the mp3.Brings back memories.Surprisingly it has FM radio too,such a shame that today’s phones don’t have the same features.

I must admit i was disappointed that there were no mods or hacks for the player(sigh).

On a whim i  decided to check out how much it cost,unbelievable it was 99 dollars for the mp3 player for 512 MB worth of space.Wow that is expensive considering today’s Standards.I still remember when i got my first flash disc it was a 512 MB as well and i paid a good sum of money and i felt like a king that fast week,i was amazed at the sheer size of the usb drive i got.

Technology has come a long way sooo fast and Prices have indeed fallen,now we are talking about terrabytes

Oh incase some of you are still wondering,or scratching their heads wondering what a DJ Ditty is here is the link http://i.i.com.com/cnwk.1d/sc/31518050-2-440-overview-1.gif

on a happy note i am signing out to enjoy my DJ Ditty!!!!


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