Network Administration: An Essential Role In Business Operations

I am currently A Computer Science major with a concentration in Network Admin and this is a great article!! Thanks for the insight… Check out my blog as well and i do love constructive criticism


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Everything now works and transpires in the digital platform. Computers indeed have become the most ubiquitous thing in the world. But due to the increase in the volume of computer and Internet use, there is also now a serious need to develop systems for their proper maintenance and administration. Hence, many careers are now surfacing to address this problem. For example, network administration is now one of the most in-demand computer-related fields.

Network administration is the process of maintaining computer hardware and software systems that belong to a computer network. A network is an interconnection of computer hardwares wherein a unit is able to send/receive data and information to/from another unit. It can be composed of two computer hardware components or more, as long as these are connected with channels that allow sharing of resources and information.

The task of a network administrator includes deployment, maintenance, configuration, and monitoring of…

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