PATENT WARS!!! What a Waste…………(sigh)

Its is my Opinion that Patent Wars are technology worst nightmare and a very embarrassing state of affairs for IT companies to be engaged in Patent Wars!! This is going to have far reaching repercussions down the line as far as stifling innovation and consumers not having access to great technology or innovations.I mean has Apple and Google accumulated such Wealth that they have no other option but to engage in trivial (yes,i said it) law suits that do not make sense to any sane person on the planet.That kind of money would be better spent on helping a person who cannot afford a Mac or a and android cellphone or low cost Cellphone for the needy!!!

It saddens me that this is turning out to be a pissing contest or a D***k measuring contest,they need to be tones down an inch.Whats worse is that the media keeps on parading their news every other day like its the most interesting news of the day….If they were to be ignored for a week or two,i can almost guarantee the steam would be Gone.


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